Saturday, July 7, 2007

Thirty One

The next day, Diana shared the news with the other girls.

"That's too bad," Pepsi said. "I already started working on the cane."

"I spent half the morning getting the tarnish off that brass handle."

"I think we should do it anyway," Diana said. "We'll just have to sneak out."

"All of us?" Tiffany looked at the group doubtfully.

"How would we do it?" Pepsi asked.

"That's easy," Macy said. "There are lots of tunnels we don't use, and they go everywhere— forest, corral, all over. Coyote left me a map."

"I wondered how he was always able to sneak off without anyone knowing."

"So all we have to do," Diana said, "Is pick an evening after dinner when none of us is on watch, and go."

"You think we should go at night?" Ikea asked.

"If we go during the day, they'll miss us on chores."

"But isn't that like going AWOL? Harley and Amalia will kill us when they find out."

"We're not a real army like Lone Star-- they can't do anything to us. It'll only be for a couple hours. Besides, who'll tell?"

"Señora Varamendi, the next time Amalia goes to nurse Sputnik."

"It'll be a secret party," Diana said. "We won’t knock on the door—we'll climb in through his bedroom window." Her eyes lit up at this added bit of adventure.

Tiffany shook her head. "I'll cover for your watches for you, but I won't go sneaking off."

"Me either," Ikea said.

"Well?" Diana looked at the others. "Don't tell me I'm the only one not afraid to ride a couple miles into town and back."

"I'll go," Sachi said.

Macy and Pepsi nodded.

"Okay, then. We need a plan. We need to figure out when the presents will be ready, check the watch schedule, and have a plan for all of us getting out the right tunnel at the right time."

"And we have to be able to get to our horses," Sachi added.

"Right. Macy will draw us a map."

"Make sure it's a good one," Pepsi said. "I don't want to get lost."

"I draw real good!"

"I'll sneak you some of Auntie's drawing paper, then.”

"I'll trade with someone for cooking duty so I can make those empanadas," Sachi said.

"And if someone can help me with my chores, I can get the cane finished tomorrow," Pepsi added.

Diana sat back on her heels, pleased at how effortlessly things had come together.

It was almost too easy.

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Alice Audrey said...

Well, you knew we saw that coming.