Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Forty Two

Amalia was unprepared for Will's reaction to the plan.

"I won’t let you send her away. People will think we're embarrassed by her."

"No one with any sense would believe that, and why should we care what fools think?"

"I'm concerned for her reputation."

"She'll be staying on a nice farm with a widow of excellent character."

"A place Sputnik picked out. You know what they're saying about them in town, right?"

Diana had been lying on a blanket with only a weak scowl to give any indication she might have feelings about what was going on, but now a flicker of curiosity crossed her face. "What are they saying?"

Will started, as if he had forgotten Diana's passivity didn't indicate deafness. "Just talk. You know how people are."

Diana looked like she wanted to ask more, but almost as quickly as it had come over her, the small bit of curiosity vanished. "I don't want to go. Send Macy. This place is good enough for me."

"Macy's not well enough to travel," Amalia said. "But you are. I want you to practice your riding and see how you feel. Will or Sachi will go with you."

Diana rolled over and covered her face with her blanket.

"Okay, then. I'll pick a date and have you put in the back of a donkey cart."

Will put a hand on Amalia's arm and indicated with a jerk of his head that he wanted to speak with her privately. When they were alone in the main tunnel, he asked, "Why are you insisting on this? She isn't interested."

"Of course she's not interested. She gets worse every day. We have to stop this before it gets out of control."

"Going to one of Sputnik's safe houses won’t be an improvement."

"It's not his house, it's Unitas'. And would you like to tell me what you've got against Robert?"

Will became flustered. "Well, it's because of him—"

"Don’t lie to me. You've heard the rumor that there's something going on between them, and you're jealous."

"I don't listen to gossip."

"I’m glad to hear it."

"But other people believe it."

"That's not our problem. I'll make a deal with you. We'll plan on leaving in one week. If her mood is better by then and she wants to stay, I won't argue."

"I suppose that's reasonable."

"I’m glad you think so. Now let's go see what they’re making for dinner and if we can convince Diana to eat some of it."

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Alice Audrey said...

Poor Will. I thought originally the trouble brewing would come from his discovery that Diana really does prefer Robert.

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

He suspects, and yes, it will lead to trouble. Just not the kind of trouble you're probably thinking of.

Alice Audrey said...

Oooo, that sounds interesting.